Guide to Choosing a Quiet Ceiling Fan

One of the most significant desire in buying a ceiling fan is one that operates smoothly and quiet.
How much noise a ceiling fan produces is a vital factor to contemplate when buying a ceiling fans, especially for sound sensitive rooms such as bedrooms, hospitals or offices. So how do you identify a ceiling fan that is quiet particularly when shopping through online sites?

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Note that nearly all ceiling fan manufacturers are not allowed by any authority to meet any noise level standards. Though some of the higher standard brands like the Casablanca and Emerson do test the noise levels of their ceiling fans, they usually do this to certain that they meet their own internal standards, but they do not divulge this information to the consumers. These manufacturers always want to assert that their ceiling fans are more quiet, but they are under no authority to ratify it. Quiet is a kind of a comparative phrase when it comes to ceiling fans for as much as there is no mention of the decibels to support any assessment that is made.

Quality ceiling fan components and control tactics have huge impact to the quietness of the fan. Higher quality ceiling fans definitely operate smoothly and more quiet as compared to low quality ceiling fans. Below are some of the important factors to consider when rsnking the quietness of a ceiling fan;

Motor Size and Quality
Larger and higher standard ceiling fan motors operates smoothly and quieter. Small and lower quality motors tend cause clicking sounds.

Type of motor
Ceiling fans are designed with different type of motors. Ceiling Fans designed with DC Motors make use of the most contemporary technology and operate cooler and quieter than the most common AC ceiling fan motors . These AC ceiling motors are designed with permanent magnets that don't spark off any electrical buzz.

Sturdy Mounting Hardware
A ceiling fan that is mounted more securely usually operates quieter.

How accurately the ceiling fan features are manufactured has a direct influence on how well balanced the ceiling fan will be, and hence, how smooth and quieter it will operate. Any part of the ceiling fan that rotates can be out of balance, such as the blades, the motor or the blade holders. Therefore it is always advisable to inspect these components thoroughly.

Air Noise
Apart from irritating noises produced by poor quality ceiling fan motors or other parts, the real sound of the air flowing deserves some surveillance. Higher quality ceiling fans will generally generate stronger breeze than lower quality ceiling fans.